Typical applications:

Tight budget/fixed income.


Low water need not expected to increase over time.


Recreational property/Campsite/RV..


Some water is better than hauling water.


Upgrading from 2" well system.


Mobile Home/No gardening/no lawn watering.


Fills basic requirement of dependable water coming out of faucets to take care of everyday needs.

Typically available only in easier drilling areas.


Typically only available in shallower depths (100' or less but exceptions may be made).


Must have a minimum  of 25 feet of casing or be a minimum of 10 feet into the static water level without requiring a variance from the DNR.


Typically available only with PVC casing.


If bedrock is encountered, well must be 6" steel casing.


Never available with "Performance" pump systems.


Smaller Screen (Typically 2 foot, Wire Wrap Stainless Steel.  Slot size is formation dependent but typically is 15 or 18 slot.  See screen chart for more information).


10 Gallon Per Minute Pump.


7 Gallon Drawdown (usable water @ 30-50 pressure switch setting) Pressure Tank.


14 Gauge Wiring.


Shorter Warranty (Typically One Year Parts & Labor).

If this sounds like it will fit your needs, please go here to send us a contact form, email us or call us.


If you think that you need to upgrade from the basic economy system for any reason, check here for Standard or here for Performance PVC well systems.


If you believe that you will need a 6" well, click here.

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