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This is the ground loop heat exchanger.  As the ground loop fluid is circulated (water or a water-based biodegradable antifreeze solution) to the earth, the refrigeration cycle uses this part of the system to either chill the ground fluid (taking heat from it which is used to heat your home in the winter.) or dump excess or waste heat into it (on a hot, humid summer day, you have to get rid of all that heat energy from your house somewhere) where the circulating pump (flow center) sends the fluid back to the earth where it can get warmed back up by the earth for free in the winter or cooled back down in the summer where all that heat energy can be dissipated extremely easily!


The earth is either significantly cooler that the (heated up) ground loop fluid in the summer or much warmer than the chilled fluid in the winter so the earth can easily and efficiently exchange the heat energy.

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