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Notice how the ground loop fluid picks up heat as it circulates, represented by changing from cold blue to warm red.

Notice how after the refrigerant is warmed by absorbing heat from the Ground Loop Heat Exchanger, the Compressor heats the refrigerant further and sends that hot refrigerant to the Indoor Heat Exchanger. At this point, the refrigerant may easily be over 125 degrees F

Notice how the refrigerant that has been warmed from the Ground Loop Heat Exchanger next flows to the Compressor to be heated further.

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Notice how the cold refrigerant, after being robbed of it's heat by going through the Indoor Heat Exchanger, returns to the Ground Loop Heat Exchanger to absorb more heat. At this point the refrigerant is significantly colder than the Ground Loop fluid.

This represents the warm air that will blow through your ductwork, heating your home in the winter (or the cool, conditioned air blowing through that same ductwork in the hot summer.)

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