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My recommendations for a checklist to assist in choosing a geothermal contractor:


___   How many geothermal systems has the contractor done in the past ____ Years?


___   What credentials does the contractor have?


          ___ Member of the Wisconsin Geothermal Association?

          ___  IGSHPA Accredited

          ___  Fusion Certification

          ___  Trained in and uses ACCA Manual J Heat loss/gain calculations (or software that includes this).

          ___  Trained in and uses ACCA Manual D duct design and installation(or software that includes this).

          ___  Certified in the brand of heat pump contractor is selling.

          ___  Wisconsin Well & Water Systems, LLC Preferred Contractor?   YES / NO



___  Ask what is the Manual J load, summer and winter design temps.  Compare to other contractors bids. (What is Manual J?  Resnet has a good answer here!)





___  What is the size system being proposed (in tons)   ___  % of Winter heat load covered?


___  What is my projected costs for heating and cooling based upon current utility costs?




___  Is my current ductwork and electrical service adequate to support system?   YES / NO


___  What are the warranty details?  Is labor covered?   YES / NO   For _____ Years.


___  What is the type of loop system being proposed? (open loop, horizontal, vertical, directional, hybrid, etc.).


___  Is heat pump Single stage?  Double Stage?  Variable Speed?  Explain the differences.


___  Do I need back-up heat?  When should I expect the back-up heat to engage?




___  What is the total cost?  Are there available rebates?  From whom and how are they received?





___  What portion of the work qualifies for tax credits and how do I apply them?




___  What brand of heat exchanger?  Are there options to consider within that brand?


Notes and References ( ___ Checked references).



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