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Eau Claire

August, 2011

I am supposed to back the rig out onto this...this...peninsula?

Just getting up this very steep driveway was a challenge!

Eat your heart out Mike Rowe! We really get dirty on some of these jobs!

Fond du Lac

This 4 ton geo job was completed in December, 2010 when the world was frozen.  We came back and touched up the landscaping for the customer.

Oak Creek

Completed Field, November, 2011


This 4 ton geo job was completed in July 2013. The drilling was extremely difficult as there was a layer of caving gravel and stones with a cross flow of water between the clay at 25' and the limestone/dolomite at 51 feet.  The customers in this case were AWESOME!! Thank you, Lynn & Vicky!



Chippewa Falls

During the grouting process


Pressure testing the loop after installation.

Volk Field

Camp Douglas

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