Typical applications:

Income allows a balance between economy & performance


Moderate water need or needs expected to increase over time (for instance, as family grows).


Recreational property/Campsite/RV but deeper well requirements or more water desired on site for gardening, etc.


Significant laundry or other regular larger need foreseen.


Upgrading from 2" well system.


3 or more bathrooms


Fills requirement of dependable water coming out of faucets to take care of everyday needs when those needs are expected to exceed minimum requirements regularly



5   GPM= 2 Shower Heads @ 2.5 GPM  (2 running at once.)

2   GPM= Kitchen faucet

5   GPM= Washing Machine

12 GPM= Rated capacity of the pump. Someone flushes a toilet or you have three showers running or a sprinkler and you can expect reduced pressure from fixtures.

Available Anywhere except bedrock formations.


May be used as a liner for steel wells in high iron areas.


Available in any depths (must have a minimum of 25 feet of casing or be a minimum of 10 feet into the static water level without requiring a variance from the DNR).


If bedrock is encountered, well must be 6" steel casing.


Same exact pump system as provided in a 6" well. This well and pump system will produce the same amount of water no matter what size well it is installed in.


Available to upgrade to "Performance" pump systems.


Larger Screen (Typically 4 foot, Wire Wrap Stainless Steel.  Slot size is formation dependent but typically is 15 or 18 slot.  See screen chart for more information).


12 gallon per minute Pump.


12 Gallon Drawdown (usable water @ 30-50 pressure switch setting) Pressure Tank. Larger pressure tanks are available as requested.


12 Gauge Wiring.


Longer Warranty (Typically Five Years Parts & Labor)

If this sounds like it will fit your needs, please go here to send us a contact form, email us or call us.


If you think that you need to upgrade from the Standard system for any reason, check here for Performance PVC well systems.


If you believe that you will need a 6" well, click here.

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