The Department of Natural Resources has recently adopted new rules pertaining to Well Inspections (as of 2/26/2014) but has not implemented them to date.


If requested, they must be performed by a licensed well driller or licensed Pump Installer.

If requested, the inspection must be placed on a Department form.  A copy will not be forwarded to the Department.


We are here to assist you in any way possible.

Remember, if a licensed well driller or licensed pump installer (the only qualified people allowed by law to work on your system!) performs any "...Construction, reconstruction or equipment installation on a non-compliant feature, that feature must be brought up to code and any other features that are apparent and known must be put on a non-complying features form..." and a copy sent to the DNR.


It can be expensive to perform well repairs.  It can be a lot more expensive if your well needs to be brought up to code, too!


You want to know this before you buy your new home!!


The well is only one portion of your home.  This will simply give you enough information to assist you in making an informed decision.

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