Yes, that is me.  No, it is not like that every time, but it does get like that at times.

If you have a closed loop system, it is typically going to make a real mess. If you are not sure what I mean by that, take a look at the Geo Gallery for some insight.

Even with horizontal fields, a lot of earth is disturbed.

The important thing is that, in any construction process, you are going to make a mess.  It gets cleaned up and afterward, you would never know it was there by simply looking at the lawn!

What will happen to my electric bill?


Well, in my case, it went up as I replaced my propane boiler with geothermal.  But the amount that my electric bill went up was only a small fraction---24% to be exact---of what my propane bill had been!


I also know of examples of where people had been using a great deal of electricity before and their electrical usage actually went DOWN!  The point is, everyones situation will be unique and should be discussed with your installer!

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